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Feels wrong to talk about transfers atm. As @arseblog put so well, the way it was painted in KSE’s statement that jobs cuts were necessary to allow squad investment felt like a clear play on the emotions of fans who understandably want the squad strengthened and key players kept. : Gunners

This even gets more bizarre from the fans the more I read about it.

2016: Arsenal signs only one player and Wenger goes on to say, he won’t sign any other player because he has 300 employees to play.

Fans: Get this senile old stingy man out of my club.

2020: Arsenal is on the verge of signing 4 players – a move that will for the first time have them patch all the available gaps in the squad. However, they have cut off 55 members of the staff.

Fans: Get this Spanish c**t and Kroenke out of my club.

Guys, what exactly do you want?

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