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From outcast to indispensable – How disgraced Xhaka went full circle at Arsenal under Arteta

This is just one man’s opinion, but at the time of Xhaka having his outburst at the fans, I was fuming, I honestly wanted to see him out.

Then the dust settles, and you see the shit people were sending him on social media and you realise for it all, he’s a human being with feelings and emotions, I’m not a parent and I can’t imagine the anger he must of felt over some of the shit people said about his fucking child, Jesus Christ.

He wasn’t performing well, he deserved to be criticised for that, but also why wasn’t Unai protecting him, take him out of the firing line early on.

For all that, he’s come back and let’s be fair here, It takes some stones to do what he’s done, he’s come back out on the pitch, he’s performed almost every time he’s played, he’s playing under a manager who’s relying on him and as such plays to his strengths and I think he’s really won us back over, hopefully we’ve done the same with him.

people will say ‘oh if I was on X a week then I wouldn’t of let It get to me’ yep, you would have.

It’s clear that the players respect him, the manager respects him and I think we do too now.

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