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Granit Xhaka stats per game in the league since arteta has been appointed. 2.4 tackles and interceptions,4.4 long balls per,0.6 times dribbles past,0.4 time’s dispossessed,1.4 aerials duels won, 85%+ passing accuracy, 57+passes. : Gunners

Yh I deffo get where ur coming from. I jus don’t see him being sold tho if he was gonna go he would have went in Jan, arteta clearly values him as an important player as he has played the most mins since arteta has been appointed . I feel like what he brings to the team outweighs the risk of him producing a error which isn’t the case with mustafi. I also like how arteta moved him away from him being our deepest and most central midfielder (which sets him up to be exposed due to his lack of athleticism) and moved him into the left half space either apart of a back a three or midfield 3 which reduces him being exposed, allows a more effective player (left back) to go forward as he covers the space vacated by the left back, while also positioning him at the best angle to showcase his passing

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