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Ian Wright talking about Auba becoming a legend : Gunners

They keyword in there for Wrighty was that Aubameyang is our foundation. We have secured an incredible striker, but he won’t carry this team on his own. We have brought in a new manager looking to revolutionise our club. Secured Aubameyang. there has never been a better time to push the boat out and invest. Aouar has thrown himself at us. We know Partey wants to be here too. At a club who finished 8th, with no CL. The momentum is fully with us and as a business, I think they need to break their own rules and make it happen. Next year is not good enough. Auba will be great this year. Very good the following year. Third year? Not so sure. We need to absolutely capitalise on where we are right this very minute. If we come back next year for Partey for example and he fills a particular void, but needs half a season to adapt, and then Auba maybe slowly starts to decline and it’s all for nothing.

Surely they must see that there is unlikely to be a better opportunity in the near to mid future to make this club great again.

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