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Leicester, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are all attentive to Matteo Guendouzi’s situation. [@AlexisBernard10] : Gunners

barca and madrid will have him further away from their starting line up as well as better players around him meaning he could play at the same level he does here and look way better due to having a better supporting cast.

if guendo did his thing of keeping things ticking in a team that could carry his dodgy defending and take chances regardless of how creative he was, people would be queing up to ride his dick.

with playmakers/support players in general if their team does well their sideways passing is what keeps the cogs lubricated, but when a team is doing shit their sideways passes are why they aren’t creating chances (both can be true tbh).

it’s kind of like how giroud was dogshit during his goal drought at arsenal, but provided balance for france when they won the world cup despite him not scoring (and again, both can be true in him not being the greatest goalscorer but having other redeeming qualities)

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