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“Limiting Luiz’s space worked at Chelsea but errors only rising at Arsenal”. Michael Cox of the Athletic writes a pretty damning piece on Luiz’s shortcomings exposed at Arsenal following the calamitous showing at Man City away on Wednesday. : Gunners

I was fine with getting Luiz in as we were in rather desperate need with Kos out. For 8M, it seemed like a fine stop-gap.


But I would really question Arteta here if he pushes / wants Luiz to stay. I don’t care about Luiz’s locker room presence or winning mentality or whatever other nonsense there is. He just makes too many mistakes. I’d much rather give all those chances to Holding if need be. What’s the worst that can happen? He’ll make the same amount of mistakes as Luiz?


Honestly, I would love it if we could get rid of Luiz, Mustafi (yes, I see his improvement), Xhaka (yes, I see his improvement), Sokratis, and Ozil. Of course, some are contingent on getting adequate replacements….or finding buyers (e.g. Ozil). But I just want a fresh-ish team. No more baggage with constant fuckups. Maybe Sokratis can stay.

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