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On this day. Serge Gnabry scored his first Arsenal goal. : Gunners

One youtube comment says a lot:

Steven Clements – 6 years ago

His touch, skills, and presence on the pitch are all first class. At 18 he’s already physically capable to play in the Premier League, and he’s very underrated at tracking back and defending. He’ll give you 90 minutes of all out energy, but it’s not wild. Its controlled, and to possess that ability at such a young age is very rare. He tends to carry the ball a bit too much, and his decision making will get better over time. All you have to do is watch him once and you’re instantly impressed. He never gets lost out there, he always has his teammates in mind, and he possesses all the qualities an Arsenal star needs at age 18. I can’t wait to see what he does next.

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