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My most difficult season – now to win Cup with Auba I Alex Lacazette FA Cup Final interview Part 1 : Gunners

First off, I like Laca and don’t think we need to part ways with him. Though, i think it makes sense to do so for the right deal IF we keep Auba.

Laca is 29, so if we’re going to get any sort of sizable return for him then we need to do it now. Meanwhile, we have Pepe who plays out on the wings, and have invested in Saka who (while young) regularly plays on the other wing. Auba is our best striker, and should be allowed to play from the central position IMO. We can use his sale to fund another younger attacking player, who might be a bit more “creative” which is something we tend to lack nowadays.

Additionally, while I think Laca’s presence is great and he works hard when tracking back, is he going to be a focal point of our club in 2-3 years? Its a cost-benefit type thing. Laca might help us out next year and the year after, but we need to build a team that is competitive with top clubs in 3-5 years. Laca probably won’t be a focal point of the club at that time, what could we get to invest in the future of the club instead?

I think its a hard choice. I do like having laca on the squad, I’d have a very concrete plan of what i’m doing if I were to move on from him. But I think its understandable if we do choose to move on.

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