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Our midfield depth for this upcoming season: : Gunners

Man, I’m an Optimist but if we can’t reinforce our midfield this is going to be one rough season midfield wise.

I hope that Guendo matures the fuck up and that this transfer window has taught him that nobody wants him if he is an arrogant prick. We need him to be at least starting to reach some of his potential without the lousy attitudes. I think Elneny and Xhaka are basically doing the best they can, break up play and recycle. For Ceballos I think if he can become more consistent and continue the standard of play he had when he played against liverpool then we will be on a far better position. Willock is young and he’s virtually cover, hopefully his play time this season actually helps him improve. He’s been with us since he was 6 and I really hope that he can become a really strong player with us.

As for Ozil, I’ve given up. I don’t really care anymore even if it still pisses me off we’re paying him 18 odd million a year to sit around and do nothing. Don’t care who’s fault it is now. It’s useless talking about him if he isn’t going to play. Can’t wait for him to become a free agent.

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