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Partey and Sancho deals look unlikely, Spurs trial 30-second COVID test : Gunners

This is pathetic. We’ve had all of our eggs in two baskets all summer. The board knows full well that we need CM’s, especially that we were so happy to loan Guendouzi out for NOTHING, sit Ozil and watch him rot and let Torreira basically go on loan for next to nothing..

Atleti were VERY reluctant to let Partey go and said it would only happen if the 50mil release clause was paid up front… highly unlikely in this market.

Which realistically leaves us with Aouar, OL wanted 50mil, which we could not pay because we don’t have the money.. so we waited, hoping that OL would reduce their fee… but that didn’t happen.

So what the hell is our backup plan? It didn’t seem likely that we would get them given the circumstances… so we just didn’t bother pursuing anything else? Utter disbelief.

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