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Since his first Premier League start under Mikel Arteta, Dani Ceballos ranks first amongst Arsenal players in: 🥇 Tackles Won – 14 🥇 Interceptions – 38 🥇 Dribbles Completed – 20 🥇 Final Third Passes – 285 🥇 Passes into the Box

I remember when Arteta came in, seeing him not really playing and not really impressing since the Burnley game, that he was just gonna head back and wouldn’t lose any sleep if he did. But how well he has adapted since the game which he scored against Sheffield United, and the confidence that brought him, has shown me what a vital player he has become. When he came on against Liverpool the other week, he was working so hard and opening their defence up and i’m so impressed with how hard he has worked to get a position in the team. I really hope we buy him this summer, top professional.

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