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The best of Nicolas Pepe | Every goal and assist

You know whilst I think pepe could of performed better I feel like he has been wronged a bit as a marquee signing

He’s had to suffer…

  • only starting 29 times due to unai emery for some reason not wanting to start one of our best players

  • poor rbs for most of the season (heccy b massive injury and amm getting used a new postion)

  • 16th lowest chance creation in the whole league meaning half the time he has to try to dribble it into the box

  • Getting marked more because opposition teams didn’t have to worry about other parts of the pitch

And all in his first season of English football. I think in a season where the manager backs him and has confidence in him, the team performs better, he has more experience he can truly shine and aim for 25-35 g/a in all competitions.

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