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We understand that Andreas Georgson @georgson82 has already left for @Arsenal #BrentfordFC : Gunners

Arteta has the potential to be a great coach (and to a certain degree has already achieved certain things with the FA cup win). but the very best coaches/managers always know the right people to surround themselves with, especially in areas that they lack. Coaches like Klopp are known for specifically getting highly rated sports professionals (throw-in coach, highly rated sports dietitians) while guys like Ferguson brought in specific tactics coaches as he felt it was as tactically adept as other managers.

What Arteta is doing seems pretty insignificant, but considering Georgson seemed to have a pretty good time improving Brentford’s set pieces, not to mention that Brentford are also known for bringing in the best coaches, this just screams a sensible move for a more sustainable and better Arsenal.

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