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“You know there’s only seven people on the board, yeah….?” : Gunners

But, you know, Vinai will make one too many mistakes. The Board will see what I already know, and they go in there, they will march in there. They go, “Right, yeah, Raul was right. You’ve pissed off him and you’ve pissed off him. You’re not the Director of Football you thought you were. Okay. So get out, we made the mistake.”.

Then they drag him out by his hair and that’s when the begging starts. They’ll come to me and say, “Ooh, Raul you were right all along, you were the right man for this job, you’re the best man for this job. Will you come back?” I’ll be like, “yeah sure how much money have you got?”.

“Because this is going to cost you, this is going to cost you.”

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