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The only 3 midfielders that can’t be sold this summer

Arsenal’s midfield is starting to take shape, but they still could use for some shakeups this summer. Here are the only three guys they cannot sell.

Arsenal, Granit Xhaka (Photo by Visionhaus)

Since there’s nothing else going on in the Premier League, we’re spending time here at Pain in the Arsenal talking about summer plans, since it’s never too early to start looking forward. Especially with so much optimism already brimming around the club. We just want next year to start to see these changes take proper effect.

Let’s hone in on the midfield. I spend good chunks of the past couple days dreaming about bringing in both Dani Ceballos and Thomas Partey and what that would mean to a midfield trio with Granit Xhaka. It would be sheer class.

But apart from the additions, we may also see some subtractions in order to facilitate those additions as well as clear out unnecessary space. So with that in mind, let’s looks at the three midfielders that absolutely cannot be sold.

We start with No. 3.

3. Granit Xhaka

Yeah, you knew he’d be here. But part of me having my dream midfield trio is keeping 33% of that midfield trio. Honestly, I can’t think of a more complete midfield than Xhaka-Partey-Ceballos. It’s utter perfection. Everyone else who wants to try to fight to get into that set-up, good luck. You’re going to need it.

That said, with all that Xhaka has been through, with all the growth he’s shown and with how four straight managers have seen his inherent value, it’s crucial that we don’t part ways with him now. Honestly, the fact that he didn’t leave in January was all the proof I needed that he may never leave. And what a blessing that would be!

Still, there’s a reason for all of this. It’s because Xhaka is an upstanding player and an upstanding individual. He’s the kind of guy that you can build a team around and even if he never takes that armband ever again, he’s the leader this club needs.

So say it with me now—do not sell.

Moving on to unsellable No. 2.

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