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3 most important players when season resumes

Arsenal, David Luiz (Photo by ARIS MESSINIS / AFP) (Photo by ARIS MESSINIS/AFP via Getty Images)

When/if the time comes that the Premier League resumes, Arsenal will need all hands on deck. Here are the three most important players when that time comes.

There’s no timetable for the return of the Premier League, but it has to be assumed that the time will come when the English top-flight comes back and Arsenal will be looking to claw their way into a Champions League place.

When that time comes, the Gunners will need certain guys to step up. They’ve had zero consistency for the bulk of this year and have only started to find out who their true leaders are, but even still, that has gotten them squarely into the midtable, even if they are mere points off from getting into a European slot.

We know what we can reliably get out of some guys—Bernd Leno and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, for example. They don’t need those guys to do any more than they are already doing because, well, that’s kind of unrealistic. What more could Leno do?

Arsenal need these 3 guys when the EPL resumes

But there are guys that need to step up and pick up where they left off recently. These guys that haven’t been great all season but were really starting to get into it before the pause.

And so, here are the three most important players for Arsenal when the Premier League resumes. We start with No. 3.

3. David Luiz

I almost included David Luiz on the top performers of the season list, but then I remembered how dreadful he was under Unai Emery. Every single match, a new mistake. But this wasn’t any surprise. Luiz was never the best defender.

That is, until Mikel Arteta took over and suddenly he became a dream. His leadership and defensive solidity were so pristine that fans were pretty unanimous in wanting to keep him around for another year.

Having seen both sides of Luiz in the red and white, and in the span of less than a season, it’s never going to be more important for him to pick up where he left off like it will be when the Premier League returns.

On to No. 2.

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