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Antoine Griezmann hardly worth talking about anymore

Rumors have begun circulating again of Antoine Griezmann coming to Arsenal but, come on, we don’t really want that anymore.

There was a time when Antoine Griezmann was the top of everyone’s dream transfer chart at Arsenal. His connection to Arsene Wenger was seen as the sealant on the deal, but he just never made the move. Instead, he moved from Atletico Madrid to near-rivals Barcelona.

And, instead, we got Alexandre Lacazette and then Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. Needless to say, it probably worked out just fine for both parties.

Now, though, rumors have kicked up again that Griezmann could reignite a potential move to the Emirates, and for the first time in my time here at Pain in the Arsenal, I have zero interest in bringing him on. Even if Aubameyang and Lacazette leave.

Don’t get me wrong, Griezmann would score goals. Lots of them. And maybe that’s all some people want in light of an Aubameyang departure, but he would also take monumental wages and demand playing time and not allow Arteta to flex what he’s here to do.

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What he’s here to do is build a lasting empire. A sustainable force. You don’t do that by overpaying one superstar after another. You do that by investing in a foundational core group of players, all of whom have a connection to the club that elevates their dedication on the pitch. You do that by putting faith in guys like Eddie Nketiah and Gabriel Martinelli, who are indebted to the club and want to be legends here.

I have a ton of respect for Griezmann, but I question how passionate he would be on that pitch if the Gunners even briefly dip to midtable, like we are now. Maybe that’s wrong of me, but there comes a point in a player’s career where they expect a certain level of play. Griezmann is there. I would even argue that Aubameyang is there, hence the exit rumors, though he’s still been magnificent this year.

Whatever the case, what little murmur there is of Griezmann finally making the move to the Emirates should be stomped out. There’s no interest here. And by the way, he doesn’t pay the game like Aubameyang, so don’t expect that to work like a straight swap.

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Invest in the kids. Build around them. Imbue the club with a little outside help as necessary, but don’t fall into the superstar trap. Build your own superstars.

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