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[OptaJoe] Only two teams allowed more shots on target against them than Arsenal (197) in the 2019-20 Premier League campaign. Porous. : Gunners

I did a bit, but only on the post lockdown games:

So over the entire season we averaged 5.18 shots taken on our goal (that were on target) per game. Pretty awful.

Post lockdown (including FA cup games, and I added the community shield game for more data) we averaged 4.71 shots on target, against us. An improvement.

What makes the post lockdown stats more impressive is the teams we faced in those 14 games. We played City twice, Liverpool twice, Chelsea, Tottenham, Leicester, and Wolves. 60% of the games we played post-lockdown were against sides who ended up finishing above us in the table. (Whereas in the season average of 5.18, 60% of the teams we played finished BELOW us in the table).

We also improved against City and Liverpool at the second time of asking:

We conceded 12 shots on target against City in our first game with them, post lockdown. While we conceded 1 shot on target against City in our second game with them.

We conceded 8 shots on target against Liverpool in our first game. While we only conceded 4 on the second time round.

4.71 * 38 = 178.98 (rounded up, 179)

I think it’s pretty safe to assume that over a season we would have conceded less shots on goal, with Arteta in charge.

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