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Mikel Arteta is clearly Arsene Wenger’s disciple

Having spent so many years at Arsenal as Arsene Wenger’s captain, it’s obvious why Mikel Arteta would have similarities. But he’s pretty much a disciple.

Arsenal had an impossible task replacing Arsene Wenger, and as expected, initially, it didn’t work. Because no one could ever replace Wenger, not after 22 years of excellence, twenty of which were spent in the Champions League. Unai Emery had no chance to make that club his own, and when he did inevitably fail, it became clear what the club needed to do.

They needed more Arsene Wenger. So they got Mikel Arteta, the midfield captain during Wenger’s reign, and someone who understood Le Prof’s tactical set-up quite well, while still bringing over his own ideas cultivated under Pep Guardiola.

But one thing that Arteta certainly brought back with him, from his time under Wenger, was his reverence for the club.

Arsenal transfer policy back to normal under Mikel Arteta

There is so much talk circulating about Arsenal’s upcoming transfer window and how they can answer all their needs with a relatively limited budget and the risk of no Champions League football. Well, according to Mikel Arteta, that won’t be a problem.

Arteta recently spoke about the club and it’s transfer business, taking time to point out that he shouldn’t have to convince a player to join Arsenal. Which is such an Arsene Wenger way of looking at things, isn’t it?

How many players came to the club solely because this was the Arsenal, and he was Arsene Wenger? So many people. There was so much reverence for the history of the club, so much respect for the colors.

I mean, Wenger got Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang without Champions League football. Who else could have done that? Where else could have done that?

It’s wonderful to see this mindset reestablished at the Emirates. Even with the club currently sitting midtable, no one is foolish enough to think that this is the new normal, and Mikel Arteta is making it clear that the Gunners as a club are still Eglish royalty. They can get whoever they want and if there’s someone out there that doesn’t respect the club enough to move there, then we don’t want them anyway. It’s that simple.

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Of course, Arteta will also now inherit another tough cookie from the Wenger era—limited transfer budgets. So we’ll see what he can do with that and how he’s able to acclimate like Wenger did.

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