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Yeah, Liverpool are not getting Bukayo Saka

A piece on Liverpool.com compares Bukayo Saka to Andy Robertson favourably, while also suggesting that the Arsenal youngster could make the Merseyside switch. That, however, will not be happening.

Sometimes, you just have to laugh. The transfer window may not be open, but with news limited at present, we all have to try to make something happen and keep ourselves entertained — I include Pain in the Arsenal in this critique as much as any other publication or website.

This week, Bukayo Saka has been ‘linked’ with a move to Liverpool. A piece from the excellent Liverpool.com outlined a very detailed and riveting comparison between Andy Robertson and the 18-year-old, who has spent the majority of the season at left-back.

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I would recommend checking the piece out as it details the brilliance of Saka’s first season as a first-team starter, providing plenty of statistics that suggest he is on a trajectory similar to Trent Alexander-Arnold. For instance, Saka’s xG Build-up per 90 and xGChain per 90 are very comparable to Alexander-Arnold’s first season as a starter.

However, within the piece, it is claimed that Liverpool are considering moving for Saka as competition for Robertson. Click through the link which is alleged to provide proof of the link between Saka and Liverpool and it will take you to this piece in the Liverpool Echo.

This piece is titled, ‘Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta speaks out on reported Liverpool transfer target Bukayo Saka’. The subheading, meanwhile, is, ‘Arsenal boss is keen for the club to keep hold of 18-year-old starlet Bukayo Saka amid rumours of Liverpool interest.’

The only mention of a possible Liverpool move is the following line, ‘amid rumours that the Reds could try and sign the left-back during the summer.’ There is no link to another report or mention of their own reporting in the piece. It is just said as if it is commonly known.

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A Google search will eventually find this piece from The Daily Mirror. There is little reporting here. In fact, the only mention of club interest is when discussing Arsenal’s keen desire to tie Saka down to a long-term contract ‘amid interest from Liverpool and Manchester United.’ Again, there is no further link.

All this is to say that there are going to be some crazy reports going around. And this is not to pick on Liverpool.com or the Liverpool Echo. It is simply the nature of an incessant business that must churn out content even when there is no valuable content to churn out. We have also fallen into this trap on numerous occasions, and we will continue to do so, especially in the present climate.

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So, no, Saka is not going to Liverpool. The club is not going to let it happen. How do I know? I don’t, but surely they are not going to be that stupid, are they? In the meantime, hold onto your hats because there will be some curious pieces surfacing over the coming weeks and months.

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