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The upcoming transfer window sounding too good to be true

Arsenal isn’t being linked to a lot of players this coming transfer window, but what links they have are solid and… too good to be true?

Arsenal isn’t usually the club that makes things easy in a transfer window, but this upcoming transfer window is shaping up to look like a breeze. And I say that nervously, knowing that something will absolutely go wrong, because nothing can ever come this easy, right?

As it’s shaping up, the Gunners are heavily linked to three people, all of whom have run the gauntlet of offers and have come out heavily linked to Arsenal, seemingly without competition.

Much like Aubameyang was. When no one believed it could happen, yet all the signs pointed to it happening until it did, in fact, happen.

There’s Thomas Partey, who has a £45m release clause that is perfectly reasonable. No one else has been heavily linked to this guy. No one. We seemingly stand alone, as if the deal is already done.

There’s Luka Jovic, who also no one else seems interested in other than us. And recently, his price dropped to a miniature £21m, which is stupid affordable, to the point that it should attract much more attention, but it isn’t.

There’s Dayot Upamecano, who had “committed” to a handful of other clubs before arriving at none of them. His price tag got cut to around £30m and somehow the Gunners are the only club heavily linked to the prolific RB Leipzig defender.

Three guys, three solutions. We need a defensive midfielder, we need centerbacks, especially with a three-back set looking like the preferred formation, and a striker, just in case Lacazette and/or Aubameyang are sold off, which, if they are, could easily fund all three of these moves, with room to spare.

Maybe it’s a Mikel Arteta thing, but it just feels like everything is falling into place. We really don’t need that much this coming transfer window, but what we do need is specific and absolutely necessary, and it feels like it’s being taken 100% seriously by the people in charge. At least the heavy and unrelenting links to these three guys would seem to hint at that.

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I’m not completely sold just yet, but for right now, I’m gloriously optimistic that this could be one of the easiest, most complete transfer windows in recent memory. But until it actually happens, I’m going to withhold going all in on that feeling.

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