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Top 3 transfer targets from Serie A

Arsenal, Ismael Bennacer (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

Arsenal has a very specific list of needs this coming transfer window, so here are the top 3 transfer targets to fit those needs from Serie A.

As every other Arsenal transfer rumor article begins, let’s start by stating exactly what Mikel Arteta sad were the three positions of immediate need he would be targeting this transfer window—centerback, holding midfield, and attack. While I don’t fully subscribe to the needs in the attack, I defer to Arteta’s expertise, and, in the meantime, I will continue to lobby for defensive help first and foremost.

The Gunners aren’t heavily linked to many solutions in Serie A, but there are solution aplenty to be found there, as it is widely regarded as the league nearest the Premier League in quality. Thus, there is a ton of quality to be found there, in all the positions of need that the Gunners are currently, well, gunning for.

With a limited budget and a specific set of needs, let’s dive into how Italy can help solve our problems, with more than a bit of familiarity and plenty of budget-friendly options.

Serie A has the answers Arsenal needs

Here are the top three guys we should be targeting, if we aren’t already, starting with No. 3.

3. Ismael Bennacer

You ever have that guy who you just keep lobbying for but no one else seems to care? That’s me with Ismael Bennacer (and others, but for now, just Ismael Bennacer). The former Arsenal prospect has been a sensation since leaving the Emirates, first at Empoli, not at Ivan Gazidis’ AC Milan. He has proven to be an incredibly capable as a midfield pivot, which is exactly what the Gunners need, both in a defensive capacity and in getting forward with the ball.

He’s still young, has a lot of room to grow, wouldn’t cost all the much and could be a surprise fix to the midfield situation, whether we get Thomas Partey or not.

You can never have too many midfield options, especially with how many questions are being asked of this midfield, and Bennacer could very well prove to be a long-term solution to a long-term problem.

On to a similar guy at No. 2.

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