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I know I’ve seen something similar a couple weeks ago but just carrying this on as I thought it was some great perspective and haven’t seen it carried on. I’ve made a few changes, namely introducing an average 4th place points target based on the last 4 seasons. : Gunners

Should that 4th Place figure be enough to secure 4th place this season, we need to make up a 16 point gain versus last seasons results. At present we are positive 2 points, so 14 to make up. I’ve highlighted our next game in blue, a win at sheffield offers us the chance to make up 2 points gained where we registered a draw in the same fixture last season.

I’m happy to carry this on each gameweek but if I’m stepping on anyone’s toes let me know and I’ll back off. Any ideas on what to modify/add/retract etc. I’m all ears.

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