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Now That’s What I Call A Rules Reminder! 127 : Gunners

As Silly Season draws mercifully closer, the mods have seen fit to lord it over the users one more time with another totally unnecessary rules update.

As everyone knows, we usually do these at the beginning and the end of a transfer window or whenever we fancy arguing with users.

We have some new updates and we also thought we’d give you a reminder of other rules going into Arsenal’s treble-winning season.

First up, the new rules!

New Rules

Podcasts need to be from reputable sources

This should be a fun one.

There is a legit reason for this.

Podcasts like Fabrizio Romano’s shameless attempt to take advantage of a sudden rise in Twitter popularity podcast Here We Go are obviously going to have great insights into the world of transfers, however, much like stuff from The Athletic, we’re asking users to other provide summaries of the podcast or to post information that comes from a reputable source.

The reason for this is because the podcast is often behind a paywall and the information is often very difficult to verify, so this new posting format will ensure that no one is misquoted and that the information is accurate, rather than some news aggregator jumping the gun and calling it wrong just to get people to retweet them.

If you are a patron of the podcast, please make sure you mention this in your summary.

Please look before posting

We did this in the last Sub Rules Reminder, but we feel it’s fresh enough to merit seconds.

Please look before posting. As the window draws closer and closer to a conclusion, we know that journalists are likely going to be briefed at the same time, so please don’t post the exact same information from a different source, because it will be removed.

Whose Tweet Is It Anyway?

We ask users to verify who said the quote beforehand.

Par example:

Fabrizio Romano: r/Gunners mods keep doing unnecessary rule reminders.

Is accepted, whereas:

r/Gunners mods keep doing unnecessary rule reminders.

Is not. Please list the source when posting from other websites or tweets.

Old School Rules

Time for the classics.

Paywalled Articles: We have to be quite serious about this one. We can’t stress enough that users cannot under any circumstances post entire articles in the comment section of the sub. This goes for publications like The Athletic and The Times and more.

Seriously, if people post the full article in the comment section, then we are served takedown notices and it can result in Reddit taking sanctions against the offending subreddit, so please don’t post them. If a paywalled article is posted, then you are free to post a brief summary of the article in the comment section, but not the whole article.

This rule is now being enforced on several sports subs, especially on places like r/Soccer. Also, summaries do not mean posting an entire paragraph from the website and then adding it as a bullet point.

No to belabour the point, but posting pretty much complete sentences or paragraphs from a paywalled article, means the summary will be taken down. We wish things were different, same as you, but we need to emphasise how important it is that we don’t get hit with any more takedown notices.

Do not post anything from a paywalled article in the comments, summaries in your own words and without plagiarising.

News Aggregators: We do not allow news aggregators to be posted on our sub. We know everyone follows the usual news aggregator sites on Twitter and the like, but we ask everyone to not post the news aggregator, but the source itself.

Please don’t tag the mods: You have no idea how little this helps. As per the last mod recruitment phase, we took on mods in different timezones, which makes it easier for us to cover the sub, so tagging individual mods is really unhelpful. The best way to get what you’ve seen looked at by the mods, is to either message the mod team directly or to report any offending posts or comments, as that way a mod can get to the modqueue and deal with it. Tagging the mods only means that we see it when that mod is next online.

Wikipedia Edits: Arguably the worst thing since the invention of theatre and the kind of stuff that makes the writers of Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps and Mrs. Brown’s Boys look like Aaron Sorkin. They aren’t funny, the users hate them, the mods hate them, James Wales and Larry Sanger hate them, so don’t post them.

No trolling in other subs: We have been very clear about this in the past and we ask people, not to troll in other subs. If you do, you will be banned from this sub, so please don’t do it and if someone from another sub does it here, please report them and we’ll shall unleash our collective fury upon them like the crashing of a thousand waves ban them.

No Trolling in this sub: While we’re on the subject, please do not troll in this sub either. Trolling will result in bans and depending on the offence, will result in a perma-ban. Again, if you see anyone trolling, please report the post or user.

Lineups in the Title and Arsenal posts for lineups only: Please put the Arsenal team in the title. Any lineup posts without the official team in the title will be removed.

Don’t post journalist lineups. These can often be wrong, removed or the lineup is subject to change, so please only post lineups from the official Arsenal account, not a journalist who beats Arsenal to the punch.


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