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“It’s not just me that has to give the green light. It’s everybody that has to be supportive.” : Gunners

Look, I’m totally happy with both of these guys not playing for the club again. Guendouzi needs to be sold, and Ozil hasn’t been at the races in two years…

…but the club has thrown Ozil under the bus on a few occasions now. Completely separating themselves from Ozils comments on concentration camps in China probably had a part to play. Why do we only know about Ozil refusing to take a pay cut? 2 others refused, we have no idea who they are to this day. Ozil’s refusal got leaked day one…

There are other examples that I can’t remember off the top of my head, but it’s one of those occasions that I get Ozil being Jaded.

At this point there needs to be some sort of ban on questions relating to Ozil and him not playing, in press conferences. It’s not helping anything and I don’t think we will get a straight answer. Ferguson issued a ban on Giggs related questions after his affair, and the one reporter who broke that rule was black listed.

I don’t know maybe a ban would make things worse, but I can’t wait till we are over this saga. Neither party is coming out looking great

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