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Vote for Henry, Bergkamp and Giroud : Gunners

Vote for Henry, Bergkamp and Giroud! Every vote counts.

Remember this post? Wilshere eventually won his duel with 57% of the votes and advanced to the next round. In the round of sixteen, which I somehow missed, he lost his duel against Olivier Giroud’s wondergoal (vs. Crystal Palace). So now there are only 8 goals left, 3 of which are by Arsenal players (Henry, Bergkamp and Giroud). All of them are in separate duels, so potentially we could be looking at 3 Arsenal goals in the semis. I’m anticipating Roberto Carlos’ freekick against France to be the 4th semifinalist. That goal will be hard to beat but if there is one thing you can be sure of, it’s that Arsenal does not, under any circumstances, lose online polls. Let’s do it. Victoria Concordia Crescit.

*At the moment Giroud (39%) is losing against Ibrahimovic (61%), Henry is tied with Shaqiri and so is Bergkamp with Roberto Carlos. This has to be a group effort!

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