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Ainsley Maintland Nile’s stats per game in the league since Arteta has been appointed. 1.4 aerial duels won, 5 tackles and interceptions, 1.4 dribbles,4 long balls,1.6 dribbled past, 1.2 times dispatched, 0 crosses . 50 passes per game(rough estimate,75% pass accuracy(rough estimate) : Gunners

These are pretty promising states from AMN, but it is clear to see these stats show he will be an effective CM instead of a full back. I do wanna see him as a rotational option for the CM positions next season. His lack of crosses put him and the team at a disadvantage when he’s a full back and his dribbles long balls and tackles and interceptions indicate he will be an effective Cm. However he will need to improve on his passing accuracy if he wants to get more mins in that positions. These stats are from the 5 games he played in the league

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