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Kieran Tierney’s hip discomfort: Is there any cause for concern?

Hey everyone – this is a quick 2.5 minute video on Tierney’s hip discomfort/soreness that held him out of the West Ham game and if there’s any cause for concern (esp considering his hip/groin injury history). Thanks to the mods for letting me post, appreciate ya’ll.

Here’s a table of contents, header (sub headers):

– 0:00 Intro

– 0:13 What happened

– 0:32 The hip injury spectrum

– 0:41 Three indicators of severity: Indicator #1

– 0:59 Indicator #2

– 1:06 Indicator #3

– 1:16 Ramp up risks

– 1:47 A key silver lining

– 2:24 Outro

For reference, I’m a football coach, DPT (Doctor of Physio), sports scientist, researcher, mindfulness enthusiast and owner of 3CB Performance —providing sports medicine, performance, and mindfulness services online and in-person at clinics in West LA and Valencia, CA. Feel free to hit me with questions and you can always find me on IG or Twitter @ 3CBPerformance

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