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Don’t know if its been posted yet. An interesting look at Emery’s tactics and we can see glimpses of what he tried to do here at Arsenal. : Gunners

The language barrier is harped on a lot, but only because its importance cannot be overstated.

Imagine if it’s on your first day of training and you get Mikel coming over with a big whiteboard. He’d be pushing those fridge magnets all over the place while telling you what to do during X or Y scenario. And then he’d pat you on your ass and say nice things in a language you understand. You’d be a man on a fucking mission (hopefully not too literally) and feel so confident about what you have to do. Fuck yeah Mikel.

Now imagine if it was someone who was shouting in broken English while flapping his hands around? No amount of fridge magnet wizardry could fix the miscommunication issues. Emery could be the smartest guy in the room, he might even pump you up with his energy initially but all that would give way to frustration when you realise that all the intricate details just whiz by.

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